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The Torreon,
Oldest Structure
in Lincoln County
















Lincoln County Guns


Lincoln Co. Courthouse

Lincoln in the 1800's

La Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Tunstall's Store

Pat Garrett

Susan McSween

John Chisum

Gov. Lew Wallace















John Tunstall, 1872, England








Inside Tunstall Store

Tunstall Store

Stairway Bullet Holes- Courthouse
Upstairs Courtroom/Jail Area

Antique Leg & Wrist Irons
Lincoln County Lawmen Memorial in Courthouse
Oscuros Stagecoach Station








  •   LINCOLN COUNTY TELLS ITS STORIES,  a compilation of family history narratives submitted by each Lincoln County family, published in 2012 by the LCHS,
    The publication can also be purchased here by contacting Marilyn Burchett,
    (575) 653-4360, (PO Box 156, Hondo, NM 88336, or at  marilynb@pvtnetworks.net.  Copies are also available at the Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce office on Suddereth in Ruidoso, or from Karen Mills, archivist at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Carrizozo, NM.   NOTE:  Copies are now available to all for $50.!!
    Please add $12.35 for shipping 1 or 2 books.  The history of Lincoln County is here!


Please add Shipping/Postal charges for Lincoln County Tells Its Stories:
 @ $12.35 for one or two books to the same address


The events of February 18, 1878, marked the beginning of what became
> known as the Lincoln County War and catapulted Susan McSween and a young
> cowboy named Henry McCarty, alias Billy the Kid, into the history
> books.  The so-called war, a fight for control of the mercantile economy
> of southeastern New Mexico, is one of the most documented conflicts in
> the history of the American West, but it is an event that until now has
> been interpreted through the eyes of men.  As a woman in a man's story,
> Susan McSween has been all but ignored.  This is the first book to place
> her in a larger context. Clearly, the Lincoln County War was not her
> finest hour, just her best known.  For decades afterward, she ran a
> successful cattle ranch.  She watched New Mexico modernize and become a
> state.  And she lived to tell the tales of the anarchistic territorial
> period many times.
Paperback $27.95
Order Information Provided Below

Small Lincoln County Map   $2
Medium Lincoln County Map   $15
Large Lincoln County Map    $30
1880 map of New Mexico   $15
Wholesale prices to booksellers are available upon request! Order information listed below.


Book #1...Memoirs of a Country Doctor: By James W. Laws, M.D.  $10.00
Memoirs of Dr. James W. Laws, his wife Grace Austin Laws, and their son Otis Laws

Book #2...Fort Stanton, New Mexico:  The Military Years  1856-1896
by Lee Myers

Book #3...Old Lincoln County Pioneer Stories:  Interviews from the WPA Writers Project.  Edited by Ann Buffington   $10.00

Book #4... Frontier Parish   $12.00

Book #5...A Stroll Thru Old Lincolntown:  A Collection of Sketches by Walter Henn     $12.00

Book #6...Ramblin' Around Lincoln County   $10.00
Old Newspaper Interviews with old-timers of Lincoln County, First person accounts of White Oaks, cattle drives, the Block Ranch, stagecoach holdups, cowboying, Billy the Kid and the Apaches.

Book #7...Voices From the Past:  Pioneer Interviews from Lincoln County $10.00

Book #8...A Gravesite Directory of Cemeteries in Lincoln County Compiled by Alice Blakestad   $20.00

Book #9...Eve Ball:  Woman Among Men - A Photo Essay by Lynda A. Sanchez      Soft Back  $24.00   Illuminating the Life and Accomplishments of  Eve Ball, who enhanced our understanding of the odyssey and culture of the Apache people.

Book #10...New Mexico in the Civil War by Dr. Walter Earl Pittman    $20

 Book #11...The Nogal Mesa by Gary Cozzens   $20

                             Book # 12:  Apache Legends and Lore of Southern New Mexico:     From the Sacred Mountain,  by Lynda A. Sanchez.   $19.99         

More Publications Coming Soon!!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Shipping and Handling for First Book is $3.00
(For each additional book add $2.00 each)
Include Name, Mailing Address/e-mail address  and Order Information PLUS total amount, including shipping and handling, and mail to:

Lincoln County Historical Society

P.O. Box 91

Lincoln, New Mexico 88338
OR contact Marilyn Burchett,  (575) 663-4360/  marilynb@pvtnetworks.net 
 for more information!


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