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  •   LINCOLN COUNTY TELLS ITS STORIES, published in 2012, a compilation of family history narratives submitted by each family, published in 2012 by the LCHS,
    The publication can also be purchased here by contacting Marily Burchett,
    (575) 663-4360, (PO Box 156, Hondo, NM 88336, or at  marilynb@pvtnetworks.net.  Copies are also available at the Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce office on Suddereth in Ruidoso, or from Karen Mills, archivist at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Carrizozo, NM.
    Please add $12.35 for shipping 1 or 2 books.  The history of Lincoln County is here!


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The events of February 18, 1878, marked the beginning of what became
> known as the Lincoln County War and catapulted Susan McSween and a young
> cowboy named Henry McCarty, alias Billy the Kid, into the history
> books.  The so-called war, a fight for control of the mercantile economy
> of southeastern New Mexico, is one of the most documented conflicts in
> the history of the American West, but it is an event that until now has
> been interpreted through the eyes of men.  As a woman in a man's story,
> Susan McSween has been all but ignored.  This is the first book to place
> her in a larger context. Clearly, the Lincoln County War was not her
> finest hour, just her best known.  For decades afterward, she ran a
> successful cattle ranch.  She watched New Mexico modernize and become a
> state.  And she lived to tell the tales of the anarchistic territorial
> period many times.
Paperback $27.95
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Small Lincoln County Map   $2
Medium Lincoln County Map   $15
Large Lincoln County Map    $30
1880 map of New Mexico   $15
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Book #1...Memoirs of a Country Doctor: By James W. Laws, M.D.  $10.00
Memoirs of Dr. James W. Laws, his wife Grace Austin Laws, and their son Otis Laws

Book #2...Fort Stanton, New Mexico:  The Military Years  1856-1896
by Lee Myers

Book #3...Old Lincoln County Pioneer Stories:  Interviews from the WPA Writers Project.  Edited by Ann Buffington   $10.00

Book #4... Frontier Parish   $12.00

Book #5...A Stroll Thru Old Lincolntown:  A Collection of Sketches by Walter Henn     $12.00

Book #6...Ramblin' Around Lincoln County   $10.00
Old Newspaper Interviews with old-timers of Lincoln County, First person accounts of White Oaks, cattle drives, the Block Ranch, stagecoach holdups, cowboying, Billy the Kid and the Apaches.

Book #7...Voices From the Past:  Pioneer Interviews from Lincoln County $10.00

Book #8...A Gravesite Directory of Cemeteries in Lincoln County Compiled by Alice Blakestad   $20.00

Book #9...Eve Ball:  Woman Among Men - A Photo Essay by Lynda A. Sanchez      Soft Back  $24.00   Illuminating the Life and Accomplishments of  Eve Ball, who enhanced our understanding of the odyssey and culture of the Apache people.

Book #10...New Mexico in the Civil War by Dr. Walter Earl Pittman    $20

 Book #11...The Nogal Mesa by Gary Cozzens   $20

More publications coming soon!

Shipping and Handling for First Book is $3.00
(For each additional book add $2.00 each)

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Lincoln County Historical Society

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OR contact Marilyn Burchett,  (575) 663-4360/  marilynb@pvtnetworks.net  for more information!

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