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Lincoln County Guns

Lincoln Co. Courthouse

Lincoln in the 1800's

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Pat Garrett

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Gov. Lew Wallace

Board Members, Lincoln County Historical Society, 2013

Left to Right, Front Row: Beverly Strasser, Treasurer, Dr. Earl Pittman, President, Gwendolyn Rogers, Vice President, Marilyn Burchett, Secretary, Joeltyne Wright, Member;
Left to Right, Back Row:  Earlayne Chance, Website/Facebook Editor, Herb Marsh, Member, Sadie Mann, Publications,  Andy Jorgensen, Member, David Mandel, Member, Patrick Pearce, Cataloguing Archivist, Ray Dean, Member.




ByLaws and Mission Statement will be uploaded soon!!

We are very proud of our tradition of representing the entire spectrum of individuals who reside in Lincoln County. Our membership is diversified, including young people, working professionals, ranchers, old timers, artists, retirees and many others. Several of our members commute to our meetings from as far away as Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Alamogordo, Roswell and El Paso. We also work closely with archaeological organizations, as we believe that history and archaeology are part of the same mission.

Our mission is to help preserve, enhance and interpret regional history, as well as to foster a love and respect for the fragile past.

Few places in the country possess the heritage and the famous personalities of the Old West that have made Lincoln County the focus of national attention since the 1800s. Beginning with the Apache Wars and continuing through the Lincoln County War Fort Stanton, the Buffalo Soldiers, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Black Jack; Pershing; it all happened here.


Lincoln County, once the largest county in the United States and a fourth the size of New Mexico, was founded in 1869. Dominated by the Sacred Mountain of the Apache, Sierra Blanca, Lincoln County is a colorful mosaic of ranchlands, forest, historical sites, and exquisite natural beauty.

Once one of the wildest of all western towns, Lincoln is considered by many historians to be the most authentic old west town remaining in the United States. The single road through town was once described as "the most dangerous street in America". Among the many Lincoln landmarks is the Murphy / Dolan store- which became the Lincoln courthouse and jail- which became famous when Billy the Kid escaped in 1881, killing two deputies in the process. Legend has it - one of the bullet holes from Billy's gun still decorates the courthouse wall.


The Lincoln County Historical Society is in desperate need for volunteers to assist in cataloguing our collections in Dr. Woods' Annex.  If you have some free time and would like to join us in this effort, please contact any member of the LCHS Board (See Contact Page on this website)... a few hours a month would help greatly!

Computer skills are helpful, but not necessary!!  Thanks to all....

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